The central concept behind Disruptive Projects is to identify, develop and launch new products and services which will make a meaningful difference.

The world is full of opportunities.

Opportunities for new products, new businesses, new concepts, new relationships and new thinking. The first thing we ask when we look at any new opportunity, is whether it will make a meaningful difference – a difference for society, for the environment, for the way we live. This difference does not need to be world changing. We are satisfied with something that improves individual lives.

What we do

The primary purpose of Disruptive Projects is to help people with their work.  This help falls into two broad areas:

1. People

All businesses are based on people – their wants / needs, what drives them, their ambitions and limitations.  We offer comprehensive personal business coaching.

2. Business

Our work in this area involves both helping people get into business, and helping them stay in business. For new enterprises we can help by assisting in forming business plans, concept testing, resource planning, market analysis and financial modelling. For existing enterprises we offer an external and objective view. This includes strategic planning, competitive analysis, scenario planning and business modelling.

Why was Disruptive Projects formed?

Would-be entrepreneurs face a multitude of hurdles. We know. We have done it. These hurdles are often so daunting that many good ideas never see the light of day, and we are all worse off as a result. The mission of Disruptive Projects is to identify, understand and eliminate as many of these individual hurdles as we can. No new business is without risk, but we believe that many of these risks can be reduced or eliminated through a good team, a good plan and good advice.

Bärbel & Robin MacDonald

Who are we?

Robin MacDonald

In a career spanning almost 30 years, Robin has worked for large multinational public companies, a niche private company and been self-employed. He has done Industrial R&D, B2B Marketing, Market Research, Project Management and General Business Management. He has lived and worked in the UK, Germany and the USA, and has extensive international experience with a wide-range of different partners and customers. His primary passion is building and growing businesses.

Bärbel MacDonald

Coming from a background in business administration, Bärbel has worked with many different people and functions over the last 25 years. During this time, she has also built and sold a business and brought up a family. Her passion is to assist people in finding out what they are good at, and help them to give their best. She therefore has trained with Dr. Bock, a leading coaching academy, and is now offering business coaching.


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